Jinko Solar Tiger Pro JKMXXXM-6TL4 – mono – 120 half cells – 440 Wp

Jinko Solar

Tiger Pro is the line of monocrystalline PV modules with half cells designed by Jinko Solar to maintain good performances in all conditions.

  • TR technology + half cut cells
  • Product warranty 12 years
  • Linear power warranty 25 years
  • Size available: 440 Wp

Advanced technologies and efficiency

Tiger Pro JKMXXXM-6TL4 are equipped with TR technology that aims to eliminate spaces between cells in order to increase panel efficiency (up to 21.24%).

These modules also adopt the MBB system, which is a method to reduce the space between busbars and finger grid lines. This allows to favor the power increase.

Load tightness

The module offers a 5400 Pa snow load and 2400 Pa wind load resistance.

Degradation and guarantee

Jinko Solar Tiger Pro JKMXXXM-6TL4 (25-year) linear power warranty predicts an annual degradation of 2% in the first year and 0.55% in the others.