Jinko Solar Tiger JKMXXXM-60HLM-V – mono PERC – 120 half cells – 370/375 Wp

Jinko Solar

Monocrystalline photovoltaic module with 120 PERC half cells, which can be installed on any type of roof.

  • PERC half cut cells
  • PID resistance
  • Product (12 years) and linear power (25 years) warranty
  • Size available: 370 Wp / 375 Wp

Great performance

PERC technology together with half cut cells, allows  Tiger JKMXXX-60HLM-V modules a better shading tolerance and consequently a greater efficiency.

In addition, thanks to the multi busbar system the modules are able to collect more light, ensuring an improvement in performances.

Strength and reliability

Tiger JKMXXX-60HLM-V panels are resistant to extreme environmental conditions, ammonia and salt mist. This makes them particularly suitable even in coastal areas.

Another important aspect concerns the resistances on the front and back side of the module, with a snow load of 5400 Pa and wind loads of 2400 Pa.

These features make these modules a solution suitable for all types of installation.


Jinko Solar linear warranty predicts an annual degradation of the module of 0.55% after the first year.