Hyundai HiE-SxxxVG – mono PERC – 410/415 Wp

Hyundai HiE-SxxxVG photovoltaic modules are ideal for residential systems

  • Efficiency up to 20.9%
  • Hard-wearing
  • 25-year warranty on both product and performance
  • Black frame
  • 340 cells
  • Available sizes: 410/415 Wp

Hyundai HiE-SxxxVG monocrystalline photovoltaic module uses Shingled Technology, which reduces the space between cells by increasing efficiency, maintained with PERC technology, allowing the modules to increase their efficiency up to 20.9%.


The modules in question are equipped with a reinforced frame and tempered glass, they are also characterized by an important resistance to corrosion. This resistance, together with the anti-LID and anti-PID functions, allows the manufacturer to guarantee the product and its performance for 25 years.


Suitable for extreme weather conditions, certified to withstand a front pressure of 5.400 Pa.