Moduli fotovoltaici HIT


The slim: N245 / N240

Compact: N285

The powerful: N330 / N335

High efficiency

Unlike the conventional cells, HIT® solar cells transform into electric energy a greater percentage of sunlight, thus presenting a greater conversion efficiency.
This is due to the composition of HIT® that, unlike the conventional crystalline silicon cells, uses monocrystalline cells combined with amorphous silicon layers. By doing so, during the energy production, there is less loss of electrons on the surface of the solar cell and the production is therefore more efficient.

  • With the 25.6% cell conversion efficiency in 2014 Panasonic has reached the world record efficiency.
  • With a conversion efficiency of the module by 19.7% Panasonic HIT® is one of the market leaders. (Form HIT® N330)

If Panasonic HIT® works with efficiency and reliability above average, it is thanks to the technology that lies at its base and making sure that as much solar energy in the form can be transformed into usable electricity.

The HIT® PV modules are based on heterojunction technology, cutting-edge technology on the market.

This technology allows the production of more efficient solar modules than ever. Unlike the conventional cells, Panasonic HIT® presents an amorphous layer which ensures a loss of electrons on the surface much lower. The loss during the energy production is much lower.

1] Innovative Surface treatment
Compared to the rough surface of conventional solar panels, Panasonic HIT® presents a pyramidal structure which conveys the light inside the cells rather than reflect it. More light means more energy then.

2] Drainage into the frame
steady drainage, the absence of moisture in the module, the absence of drying edges, self-cleaning in the presence of little inclination.

3] Three flat cables instead of two
The metal flat cables carry the energy produced by the module. With three flat cables, the energy produced follows a shorter path, thereby reducing the energy loss.

4] Ecological
All HIT® PV modules contain no toxic components.


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