Panasonic: HIT VBHN3xxSJ53 – 330 / 335 Wp


Powerful PV module of the HIT series with high efficiency and excellent performance at high temperatures.

  • module efficiency of 19.7%
  • 25 year warranty
  • exclusive water drainage system
  • Size available: 330 / 335 Wp

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Photovoltaic module with HIT technology, called “Powerful” thanks to the efficiency of 19.7%, it ranks among the most powerful modules on the market.

Increased power delivered and installation costs and B.O.S. (Balance of System) lower. Available with power up to 330W.

It has a 27% higher power than equivalent solar panels and 24% less B.O.S costs.

The frame is black anodised, with a corner water drainage system for a better cleaning of the module, an elegant and monochromatic aspect to the solar system on the roof.

5-inch solar cell, tempered glass with anti-reflective coating, black anodised frame and exclusive water discharge system.


Power output: 1st year 97 %, from 2nd year -0.45 %/year, in 25th year 86.2%.
Product workmanship: 25 years (registration necessary on www.eu-solar.panasonic.net, otherwise 15 years apply based on guarantee document)

Documentation and certifications: https://eu-solar.panasonic.net/en/panasonic-hit-download.htm


Model VBHN340SJ53 VBHN335SJ53 VBHN330SJ53
Max. power (Pmax) 340 W 335 W 330 W
Max. power voltage (Vmp) 59,7 V 59,4 V 58,0 V
Max. power current (lmp) 5,70 A 5,65 A 5,70 A
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 71,3 V 71,0 V 69,7 V
Short circuit current (Isc) 6,13 A 6,08 A 6,07 A
Module Efficiency 20,4 % 20,0 % 19.7%
Max. over current rating 15 A
Power tolerance [%] +10/-0