Fronius GALVO 1.5 – 3.1 kW


The Fronius Galvo is the ideal inverter for small residential systems.

The integrated energy management relay allows you to easily optimize the domestic consumption.

Other intelligent features make it very interesting how the integrated data logger with Internet connection via WLAN / LAN and technology with card plug-in to integrate other functions in the future.

The Light versions are devoid of monitoring.

With power categories ranging from 1.5 to 3.1 kW, the Fronius Galvo is perfect for households – and is especially suitable for self-consumption systems.

The integrated energy management relay allows the self-consumption component to be maximised.

A host of other smart features make the Fronius Galvo one of the most future-proof inverters in its class: for example, integrated datalogging, simple connection to the internet by WLAN, or plug-in card technology for retrofitting additional functions.

  • Thanks to the high frequency transformer with automatic switching is has a degree of uniformly high performance for all input voltages. The electrical isolation ensures compatibility with all PV modules including thin film requiring grounding of a pole.
  • The unique principle of PC board replacement guarantees simple and easy maintenance by Fronius Service Partners that offer the quickest service for inverters on the market.
  • The separation of the box of connections from the power module ensures simple assembly and in case of failure is not necessary to remove all the inverter but only the portion of the conversion of energy making sure that the settings and configurations remain unchanged.
  • Integrated LAN / WLAN interface let you easily connect your machine to the Internet and portal free monitoring Fronius Solar.web. The open protocol TCP Modbu SunSpec Ethernet interface guarantees simply to establish a data connection with other systems. Download data via integrated USB port.
  • The relay Energy management provides an easy way to increase self-consumption.
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Dati tecnici

Modelli GALVO 1.5-1 GALVO 2.0-1 GALVO 2.5-1 GALVO 3.0-1 GALVO 3.1-1
Number of MPP trackers 1
Max. input current (Idc max) 13.3 A 17.8 A 16.6 A 19.8 A 20.7 A
Max. array short circuit current 20.0 A 26.8 A 24.8 A 29.6 A 31.0 A
DC input voltage range (Udc min – Udc max) 120 – 420 V 165 – 550 V
DC input voltage range (Udc min – Udc max) 140 V 185 V
Usable MPP voltage ran 120 – 335 V 165 – 440 V
Number of DC connections 3
Max. PV generator output (Pdc max) 3.0 kW peak 4.0 kW peak 5.0 kW peak 6.0 kW peak 6.2 kW peak
AC nominal output (Pac,r) 1,500 W 2,000 W 2,500 W 3,000 W 3,100 W
Max. output power 1,500 VA 2,000 VA 2,500 VA 3,000 VA 3,100 VA
AC output current (Iac nom) 6.5 A 8.7 A 10.9 A 13.0 A 13.5 A
Grid connection (voltage range) 1~NPE 230 V (+17 % / -20 %)
Frequency (frequency range) 50 Hz / 60 Hz (45 – 65 Hz)
Total harmonic distortion < 4 %
Power factor (cos φac,r) 0.85 – 1 ind. / cap.
Dimensions (height x width x depth 645 x 431 x 204 mm
Dimensions (height x width x depth 16.4 kg 16.8 kg
Degree of protection IP 65
Protection class 1
Overvoltage category (DC / AC) 2 / 3
Night-time consumption < 1 W
Inverter concept HF transformer
Cooling Regulated air cooling
Installation Indoor and outdoor installation
Ambient temperature range -25 – +50 °C
Permitted humidity 0 to 100 %
Max. altitude 2,000 m / 3,500 m (unrestricted / restricted voltage range)
DC connection technology 3x DC+ and 3x DC- screw terminals 2.5 – 16 mm²
AC connection technology 3-pin AC screw terminals 2.5 – 16 mm²
Certificates and compliance with standards ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8001-4-712, AS 4777-2, AS 4777-3, AS3100, DIN V VDE 0126-1-1/A1, VDE AR N 4105,
IEC 62109-1-2, IEC 62116, IEC 61727, CER 06-190, CEI 0-21, EN 50438, G83, G59, NRS 097
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