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Forced circulation kit Sonnenkraft COMPACT AND SCE202-M


Solar thermal kit Sonnenkraft COMPACT E SCE202-M with collectors produce hot water in residential buildings in the simplest way.

The kit can cover up to 70% of the domestic hot water requirements and are characterized by:

  • Collector vertical plane by 2.02 m high reliability and excellent quality / price ratio
  • Group pre-assembled solar pump on the storage tank
  • Installation and activation of the simple and rapid system
  • long life and minimum maintenance Components
  • Complete with all the components required for assembly

The solar thermal kit Sonnenkraft COMPACT AND SCE202-M are constituted by a series of places solar collectors on the roof, capable of absorbing the radiation from the sun to heat the heat transfer fluid.

The heat transfer fluid is transferred from the collectors to the kettle DHWPR2 by means of a circulator in this solar pump group, managed by a control unit, which detects when the temperature in solar collectors is higher than that present in the kettle.

The kettle DHWPR2, place inside the building, stores the hot water to be used by the user when needed. The components in the system are:

  • Collector SCE202-M vertical plane, for overhead installation with gross area 2,02 sqm, hydraulic circuitry harp diagonal with 4 water connections Cu22, structure of corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. The fixtures available to allow you to install the M-SCE202 collectors on a flat roof or a pitched roof, thereby covering all types of cases.
  • DHWPR2 kettle double coil, enamelled according to DIN4753 part 1 to manage a maximum temperature up to 95 ° C (ErP class C).
  • Solar pump unit RLGHE complete with control unit, pre-assembled on board the DHWPR2 kettle. Group solar pump provided with high efficiency circulator that reduces power consumption by up to 80%, compared to a conventional circulator.
  • Solar expansion tank, antifreeze to be mixed, health thermostatic mixing valve.

Taglie KIT

Taglia del Kit (l) 200 300 400 500
N. Indicativo persone 1-3 2-4 3-6 4-8
N. collettori Solari 1 2 3 4
Superficie collettori solari (mq) 2 4 6 8

I componenti

Collettore solare SCE202-M SCE202-M SCE202-M SCE202-M
Bollitore doppio serpentino DHW200PR2 (ErP C) DHW300PR2 (ErP C) DHW400PR2 (ErP C) DHW500PR2 (ErP C)
Gruppo pompa solare ad alta efficienza RLGHE
Centralina solare SKSC2HE
Miscelatore termostatico TBM20
Vaso di espansione solare con kit per fissaggio al serbatoio AG18S AG25S AG25S AG33S
Antigelo puro 15 litri 15 litri 20 litri 20 litri