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Circontrol wallbox eNext Park


Wallbox eNext Park is a smart charging system for electric cars mainly adopted in private and semi-public car parks but also suitable for residential areas, especially in apartment blocks.

  • Direct contacts protection with shutter
  • Ethernet port
  • OCPP 1.6 J protocol
  • RFID reader
  • Load management to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously (with optional)
  • Backlit display

The article is obtainable in two versions both with Type 2 socket:

  • Wallbox eNext Park S two (single phase 2 outputs)
  • Wallbox eNext Park T (three phase 1 output)

These products are equipped with an Ethernet port that allows to communicate with back-end systems for payments, user management, error diagnosis etc…  and also a backlit display that provides instructions on how to charge the vehicle and information about the operating status of the wallbox.

In addition, the possibility to combine DLM system (Dynamic Load Management), allows the wallbox to charge more electric vehicles at the same time, avoiding power withdrawals spikes from the grid.

There are 2 available models both with Type 2 socket:

  • Wallbox eNext Park S two: single phase, two type 2 outputs of 7.4 kW max
  • Wallbox eNext Park T: three phase, a max 22kW type 2 output.