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Circontrol wallbox DC eSpeed Basic

Wallbox DC eSpeed Basic is a fast and durable direct current charger. These attributes make it ideal for private use and applications both indoors and outdoors, where fast charging of electric vehicles is required.

Product features:

  • Three phase system with a single connector (DC), maximum power up to 25kW
  • Wide range of voltage delivered (from 150V to 950V)
  • Available with CCS Combo or CHAdeMO socket
  • Start/Stop buttons

Datasheet English

Circontrol designed the wallbox DC eSpeed Basic to allow fast charging (25kW max) electric vehicles. This is particularly valuable especially when cars have high capacity batteries or internal chargers of limited power (7.4kW AC).

The product is available either with the CCS Combo or CHAdeMO connector, in order to meet the demand of most users.

The presence of the RGB LED is used to easily transmit the charging status to the user.

eSpeed Basic wall chargers are all equipped with an AC/DC converter stand-by mechanism to ensure high efficiency.