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Circontrol eHome BeON 20-25

eHome BeON is a current sensor that can be easily integrated into the system which dynamically regulates the power withdrawal of the electric vehicle charging system (compatible with eHome Plus, eNext) in order to avoid overloading the home supply.

BeOn is available in several current sizes, for example:

  • eHome BeON single phase 20A, suitable for 4.5kW supply contract (recommended)
  • eHome BeON single phase 25A, suitable for 3kW or 6kW supply contract (recommended)

eHome BeON measures user’s total current withdrawal and while communicating with the wallbox, it adjusts the electric car charging power.

As a result, triggering protections and eventual blackouts can be avoided, hence the name “be on”.

Thanks to this sensor it is possible to install a charging wallbox even without having to increase the available withdrawable power.