Chaffoteax AQUANEXT Plus – floor based heat pump water heater – 200 / 250 litri


Floor standing heat pump water heater for the production of domestic hot water. Prepared for coupling with boiler and/or solar thermal and dedicated function for photovoltaic systems.

  • Energy efficiency class A+ XL
  • Vertical floor installation
  • It can be paired to the condensing boilers of the ADVANCE range
  • 200 L, 250 L and 250 L SYS models available


Datasheet/Product fiche

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Air source heat pump with vertical floor base in class A+ for the production of domestic hot water. Ideal for medium-sized single-family homes up to a maximum of 6 people.

These heat pumps for domestic hot water are already prepared for coupling with boiler and/or solar thermal and dedicated function for integration with photovoltaic systems.

Comfort guaranteed

• The 200 model has only 4:30 h for heat pump heating, thus ensuring maximum availability of hot water.
• Aquanext Plus heats the water up to 62 °C in the heat pump and to 75 °C with integration.
• With the Silent function they have made these heat pumps extremely quiet, among the best results in its category.

Highest rated COP on the market

• Maximum exploitation of free and renewable energy present in the air is guaranteed.
• Works in a heat pump up to an external air temperature of -7 °C.
• In the 250 liter version it is possible to integrate with solar thermal.
• Double modular integrative resistance in steatite.

Simple installation and maintenance

• To ensure the cleanliness of the air entering the evaporator there is a filter, allowing efficient and long-lasting operation.
• Integrated straps for easy transport.
• The resistance can be replaced and inspected without emptying the product.
• The electrical connections can be accessed through a dedicated section on the side casing of the product.

Maximum security

• Double corrosion protection thanks to the magnesium anode and Pro-Tech.
• The condenser is not in direct contact with the domestic water and it is wrapped outside the tank.

Coupling solution

The AQUANEXT PLUS heat pump water heater can be coupled to the condensing boilers of the ADVANCE range, to the ZELIOS solar systems, through the new COMBI and SYSTEM functions, and to the photovoltaic panels.

Thermal Account Incentive and tax deduction

These heat pumps can take advantage of the Thermal Account, an incentive granted when interventions are carried out to increase energy efficiency and to produce thermal energy from renewable sources . Or take advantage of the deduction for building renovation and energy redevelopment.