Chaffoteaux AQUANEXT Performance – floor based water heater heat pump – 200 / 240 litres


Floor-standing heat pump water heater in Class A for heating domestic hot water. Ideal for single-family homes up to 6 people.

  • It can work down to outdoor air temperatures of -5 °C
  • 240 liter version can be integrated with solar thermal and condensing boilers
  • Available: 200 liters / 240 liters / 240 liters SYS

Floor based heat pump (Class A) integrable with solar thermal system and condensing boilers from the ADVANCE range.

Hot water temperatures

  • Heats domestic water up to 62 °C in a heat pump and to 75 °C with 2000 W resistance.

Maximum savings with renewable sources

  • The additional serpentine and the various functions available, maximize the use of renewable sources.
  • Aquanext can work as a heat pump up to outside air temperatures of -5 °C; with this product you can produce energy even in extreme climatic conditions.
  • Possible integration to a solar thermal system.

Quality and safety

  • The magnesium anode and the Pro-Tech guarantee double protection against corrosion.
  • The condenser wrapped outside the tank is not in direct contact with the sanitary water and guarantees maximum hygiene.

Solution with renewable solutions

Lo scaldacqua a pompa di calore AQUANEXT PERFORMANCE può essere accoppiato alle caldaie a condensazione della gamma ADVANCE o ai sistemi solari ZELIOS per dei risultati ottimali.
The AQUANEXT PERFORMANCE heat pump water heater can be paired to the condensing boilers of the ADVANCE range or to the ZELIOS solar systems for excelent results.

Incentives and deductions

You can take advantage of the Incentive Thermal Account granted for interventions to increase energy efficiency or the Tax Deduction for Building Restructuring interventions.