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Ariston NUOS SPLIT Wi-Fi FS – floor based – 270 litri


Split heat pump for domestic hot water with tank for internal basement installation, low noise.

  • Working range from -10 to 42 ° C
  • First ignition for free
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Photovoltaic function
  • Available sizes : 270 liters

Ariston NUOS SPLIT Wi-Fi FS is a split heat pump with tank for indoor floor installation. The outdoor unit has been designed in such a way as to reduce noise to a minimum, it also has DC inverter technology that allows better modulation of the power delivered and therefore lower consumption. Thanks also to the Aqua Ariston NET app, through which you can remotely control the product, program temperatures and times of use and monitor energy consumption, this energy class A + product.

The purchase of this product allows you to access the thermal account and the tax deduction of up to 65% for energy redevelopment interventions. The outdoor unit of the Nuos Split Inverter Wi-Fi is quiet, producing a sound power of 59 dB.

The Aqua Ariston Net app allows you to control the product and monitor energy consumption comfortably even remotely.

  • Working range in heat pump with air temperature from -10 to 42 ° C
  • Outdoor unit with DC Inverter technology
  • Integrated Wi-Fi as standard for remote control
  • Ecological gas R134a allows water temperatures of up to 62 ° C to be reached in the heat pump
  • Condenser wrapped around the boiler
  • Low noise (outdoor unit)
  • Boiler in titanium enamelled steel
  • Electric resistance in steatite with double power
  • Active anode (protech) + magnesium anode
  • LCD touch display
  • i-Memory, Green, Boost, Fast, Comfort, Programming, Vacation, Anti-legionella, Silence, HC-HP, Shower Ready
  • Tank for internal installation