Ariston NUOS SPLIT Wall


The heat pump water heaters Ariston NUOS SPLIT wall Provide domestic hot water by a heat pump heats That a kettle, with a split type or with an external drive system.

Mainly the heat pump uses the outside air as a renewable energy source to Achieve maximum energy efficiency and high energy savings.

Ariston NUOS SPLIT wall is available from 80 to 110 liters of volume of the kettle and the main features are:

  • Eligible outside air temperatures from -5 to 42 ° C
  • Ecological R134A gas to heat water up to 62 ° C
  • Low noise fan
  • Additional electric heater
  • LCD display
  • Operating mode: green, car, boost, boost 2


Complete documentation

The operation of the heat pump water heaters Ariston NUOS SPLIT wall is based on the thermodynamic cycle of the heat pumps Which Allows to heat the hot water stored in the tank through the energy of the outside air is sucked from the ducted pipe or directly from the local.

The ecological gas R134A, using two status changes to compression and expansion cycles, draws its energy from the outdoor air and transfers it to the sanitary water stored in the tank.

The electrical energy required by the water heater in the heat pump is only That required to operate the fan and one for powering the compressor (Which Allows the movement of R134A gas). In case of need the electrical heater is activated Which Ensures the production of hot water.

The main features are:

  • Ecological gas R134A order to heat the sanitary water up to 62 ° C only with the use of the heat pump
  • Eligible outside air temperatures from -5 to 42 ° C
  • COP EN 16147 = 2,04 80; 2,03 mod. 110
  • Electrical power consumption mean = 510 W
  • Product with dimensions and sanitary hot water capacity suitable for a replacement of an existing traditional electric kettle
  • low weight thanks to the outdoor unit = 32 kg I.U. mod. 80; 38 kg I.U. mod. 110
  • Sound-optimized through the outdoor unit – 15 db (A) I.U.
  • Kettle enameled steel with active anode and magnesium anode
  • Exchanger wound on the outside of the tank (not immersed in healthcare)
    immersion heater 1200W
  • LCD display

Operation: green, car, boost, boost 2 and Possibility of hourly programming and sampling and legionella function



Dati tecnici

Taglia 80 110
N. indicativo persone 1-2 2-3
Tipo di installazione Pensile
Tipo di prodotto Bi-Blocco (con unità esterna)
Dimensioni 858 x 502 x 533 mm 1085 x 502 x 533 mm
Peso a vuoto 32 kg 38 kg
Temperatura aria min/max -5 / 42 °C
Temperatura max acqua con Pdc 62 °C
Quantità massima di acqua a 40 °C 99 litri 139 litri
Refrigerante R134a
COP 2.04 2.03
Tempo di riscaldamento 3.11 h,mm 4.28 h,mm
Potenza elettrica assorbita media 510 W
Potenza resistenza elettrica 1200 W
Livello di pressione sonora 57 db(A)
Pressione massima esercizio 8 bar
Scambiatore di calore aggiuntivo