Samsung has a long experience in technology and enter the world of photovoltaic storage with Samsung SDI.
The brand Samsung emphasizes the company’s flexibility and simplicity, a global leader in technology.

Samsung SDI aims to become the perfect solution for accumulation in single-phase residential systems thanks to the ability to maximize the use of energy produced.
Its compact and complete design of the devices needed for the operation of the photovoltaic system makes it easy to install and commission.

The solution combines a single-phase inverter with a power output of 4.6 kW with a 3.6 kWh accumulator (rated with 90% discharge capacity).
Thanks to these features, it is possible to increase the self-consumption of your home, so to enter and withdraw as little energy as possible from the network.

One of the strengths of Samsung SDI is the ability to detect malfunctions in advance, combined with Web or local monitoring for remote maintenance.

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