SOLARWATT is a company of renewable energies. His vision is aimed at creating products that allow to extract energy from clean sources and create a cleaner and more free future from fossil sources.

The efficiency of SOLARWATT products guarantees that you can generate and use self-produced energy, thus becoming even more autonomous from the power grid.

Photovoltaic panels are also available in the range of products offered.
The range of pots covered by the panels allows the use in a variety of sectors, ranging from residential photovoltaic systems to large plants at very competitive prices.

All photovoltaic modules are highly durable. They are able to withstand high pressures thanks to the reinforced design and are resistant to atmospheric agents even in critical situations.

Polycrystalline photovoltaic panels SOLARWATT are divided into 60P and 60P glass-glass.
The 60P family covers a range of powers from 260 to 270 Wp, while the 60P glass-glass from 270 Wp to 280 Wp.

The innovative design of glass-glass modules makes it particularly suitable for installation on roofs of houses.

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