Tigo Energy is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007. It is comprised of a team of technicians who have combined a semiconductor, electronics and solar energy experience into a single project.
A unique approach that has enabled the Tigo team to develop Smart Module Optimizer for the photovoltaic industry.

The TS4 Optimizer consists of a universal junction box and you can add a cover with different functionality depending on the system requirements.

The covers are divided into: TS4-L, for longer strings (green cover); TS4-O, for optimization in the case of roof with a complex structure and partial shading (yellow); TS4-S, for shadow-free installations, acts as a monitoring (red); TS4-M, monitoring of the single photovoltaic panel (blue); TS4-D, uniform OEMs at base (white).

Thanks to all the possibilities offered by this optimization solution and the possibility of being installed on both new and existing photovoltaic systems, the Tigo optimizer is the perfect solution in any situation, always allowing maximum optimization.

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