Systovi is a world-renowned company for the production of a system that allows the production of electricity and heat, and also accumulates the latter, Aerovoltaic.
Systovi’s Aerovoltaic System is the combination of a photovoltaic system with a system for heating and air purification.

The system is very innovative and exploits some of the features normally used in the photovoltaic industry: thanks to the extraction of heat from underneath the modules, which is redirected to the home, the temperature of the modules is kept lower, increasing its efficiency to a standard photovoltaic plant.

The hot air taken from the modules is sent to a STOCK-R “aerothermal battery”, which allows to store the heat and then release it into the house.
The battery contains a special material that melts under the heat effect and solidifies when the air cools, releasing the heat.

The system allows a maximum power of 900 W, of which 650 W thermal and 250 Wp electric.

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