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Tigo: TS4-R


The TS4 universal platform enables you to choose the exact options you need for any given project or customer, from safety features to module-level diagnostics and maximized energy harvest.

  • TS4-L Long Strings (cover green)
  • TS4-O Optimization (cover yellow)
  • TS4-S Safety (cover red)
  • TS4-M Monitoring (cover blu)
  • TS4-D Diodes (cover white)

The TS4-R is a retrofit solution that brings smart module functionality to standard PV modules. The TS4-R retrofit base can be matched with one of several electronic covers to address a range of functions and budgets. Together they form a new generation of module-level power electronics; flexible, replaceable, and upgradeable, accompanied by a powerful PV 2.0 communication backend.

5 cover:

  • TS4-L Long Strings, ideal for systems requiring fully optimized performance at the module level (cover green)
  • TS4-O Optimization, ideal for roofs which are challenged by shading, but do not need longer strings (cover yellow)
  • TS4-S Safety, provides the necessary safety and monitoring services to ensure your systems meet local fire regulations (cover red)
  • TS4-M Monitoring, enables continuous system-wide monitoring for fleets to aid in customer support and ongoing operations and maintenance (cover blu)
  • TS4-D Diodes with diodes embedded in the cover of the junction box, this basic system enables OEMs to standardize (cover white)
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