SolaX X1-AC SOLAX RETRO-FIT 3,7 – 4,6 – 5 kW


AC inverter for high voltage batteries ideal for existing and retrofit installations.

  • Three versions will be available: 3,7 /4,6/ 5 kW
  • EPS function in case of serial blackout
  • High voltage storage system with Pylontech batteries
  • IP65, silent, low maintenance

Single-phase high voltage inverter ideal for existing photovoltaic systems or for new installations.
Excellent solution to add an accumulation to an existing photovoltaic system with already a string inverter.
Thanks to the AC connection, it is compatible with all types of technology (solar, wind, etc.) and with all types of inverters.
Compatible batteries Pylontech alta tensione H4805A

Three Versions will be Available: 3,7 / 4,6 / 5 kW

Features and strengths of the AC Solax Retrofit Single Phase

• Natural Cooling, quiet and low maintenance
• Max Efficiency up to 97%
• Multiple protection:RCD, isolation,over voltage,
• over temperature, earth protection,short-circuit protection,etc
• Install inverters in parallel for scalability
• Compatible with High-Voltage batteries
• Transformer-less on EPS mode

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