Solar thermodynamic ECO


The thermodynamic systems combine the technology of the heat pump with that of the solar thermal energy in a single circuit.
The thermodynamic ECO solar systems are designed for the sanitary production in civilian homes.

  • Available with 200 to 450 liters capacity
  • Versions with 1 or 2 panels
  • Tanks made of enamelled steel or stainless steel with or without additional coil


The Thermodynamic Solar System combines two complementary technologies, the heat pump and solar thermal collector.

The heat pumps are very efficient devices, but the heat they produce, coming from their renewable component, varies only according to fluctuations in the ambient temperature.

Solar thermal collectors are the best heat source for heating during sunny days with high temperatures, but become totally ineffective in days without sun.

Thanks to the physical scheme identical to that of a normal solar thermal system of forced circulation and to the components of a heat pump, the solar thermodynamic technology has managed to overcome the limitations of these two incomplete technologies.

Through the R134a refrigerant fluid that runs through a closed circuit, the fluid enters the solar panel and uses the action of the sun, rain, wind, ambient temperature and the remaining climatic factors. After this phase, the heat is transferred to a tank, through a heat exchanger.

Because the gas has a boiling temperature of about -30ºC, the system can operate even in the total absence of sun and even at night, as opposed to the traditional solar thermal system. The consumption of the system is reduced to that of the refrigerator compressor which circulates the fluid.

The system:
The ECO range provides, in function of the required performance, such panel systems 1 or 2 panel systems, to be installed in the roof or wall, but still in a position suitable to the use of solar energy.

The tanks can be stainless steel or treated with internal vitrification; the stainless steel version also provides an additional coil for the integration of an external generator. All tanks are equipped with electrical resistance.

The kit comes complete with the panel mounting brackets, pressure reducer and safety valve for the sanitary line.
For additional specifications, see the download area.

The management:
The system provides for the use in various modes:
-auto (above the compressor, emergency electrical resistance)
-Eco (compressor only)
-Boost (compressor and simultaneously electrical resistance)

There is also the option to operate the system when the photovoltaic system is producing, increasing the share of consumption!

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In funzione delle prestazioni richieste, i sistemi prevedono 1 o 2 pannelli, accoppiati a diversi volumi.

1 pannello 2 pannelli
Eco250i Eco250is
Eco300i Eco300is
Eco300esm Eco300esms
Eco250ix Eco250isx
Eco300ix Eco300isx


esm smaltato
i inox
s due pannelli
x seprentino aggiuntivo
Solar thermodynamic ECO was last modified: January 18th, 2017 by VPmin