Bosh induction cookers


Bosch in all its products, in particular household appliances, pays particular attention in their production that is fully based on sustainability in all fields. Every stage, from design to production and ending with the packaging is based on sustainability and recycling.

The Bosch products “Green Technology inside” are characterized by the high efficiency with which you can contribute to protecting the environment simply through their use. All this while maintaining potency and efficacy.

Nearly half of the patents applied by Bosch concerning the responsible use of resources and environmental protection so as to be able to produce cheap and very efficient appliances, a double benefit preserved the environment while saving!

Also in the package it is placed carefully so as to reduce it to the minimum required course preserving efficiency and reducing at the same time having regard to the minimum size and weight fuel consumption reducing the CO2 emissions possible.

Bosch also collects and separates in its manufacturing plants processing waste managing to recycle 92%.

The cooking of the plans benefits of Bosch induction are many: easy to clean, precise, rapid but their characteristics are the low controlled consumption.


This feature allows you to use the induction plan in two different ways: with separate areas, or use one large cooking zone so as to allow the use of large pans or have more pots with the same cooking time controlled with a single button .


The induction cooker is very safe because the heat is transmitted only to the pan mind the actual cooktop stays cool halving the heating times and consumption and limiting as much as possible the risk of sunburn.

Consumption control

With the induction Bosch plans consumption is always under control thanks to the self-regulating function “Energy Tutor” that allows you to use the induction hob or with the classic residential meter by 3 kW. In addition the display can show the real consumption used for the preparation of their favorite foods on different areas of cooking.

Ease of use

To set the various cooking zones and the various functions is very simple and takes just a few touches on the different buttons, the active functions are shown via the display. The high Bosch induction hobs are also provided with the QuickStart feature, the electronics also recognizes floor off the cooking area where a pot was supported, then just simply select the cooking power. The ReStart function allows you to turn on the hob with the previous settings (firing positions and previously set times) if you realize an involuntary shutdown within 5 seconds.


Compared to traditional electric floors or in gas hobs to the Bosch induction hobs they are extremely fast, for example to heat 2 liters of water takes about 3 minutes against the 7 minutes required to other systems.


I have to Bosch induction of “FryingSensor” function plans, or a sensor detects the right moment in which to place the food in the pan to fry with four types of frying.

Adaptable to any kitchen

Whatever Vs. cooking induction hob Bosch will fit perfectly frames, profiles or ledges.

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