ActiveWater Bosh Dishwasher


Bosch in all its products, in particular household appliances, pays particular attention in their production that is fully based on sustainability in all fields. Every stage, from design to production and ending with the packaging is based on sustainability and recycling.

The Bosch products “Green Technology inside” are characterized by the high efficiency with which you can contribute to protecting the environment simply through their use. All this while maintaining potency and efficacy.

Nearly half of the patents applied by Bosch concerning the responsible use of resources and environmental protection so as to be able to produce cheap and very efficient appliances, a double benefit preserved the environment while saving!

Also in the package it is placed carefully so as to reduce it to the minimum required course preserving efficiency and reducing at the same time having regard to the minimum size and weight fuel consumption reducing the CO2 emissions possible.

Bosch also collects and separates in its manufacturing plants processing waste managing to recycle 92%.

New ActiveWater dishwashers from Bosch contain innovative technologies that offer the ultimate in flexibility, security and obtaining at the same time excellent washing and drying performance. All models have specific features designed to ensure energy saving, water and time.

Drying system with Zeolite

The dishwasher of ActiveWater Zeolith® series from Bosch have under the tank with a container inside the Zeolite which is a mineral that has the ability to absorb moisture releasing heat in a natural way. With this hygienic system, fast, economical and environmentally friendly Bosch has achieved an energy efficiency leadership, – 10% of consumption with respect to a class A +++ or only 0.67 kWh per wash. For each washing the ore is regenerated so as to ensure a long life time without replacement.


The electromechanical device AquaStop of Bosch dishwashers makes them safe by avoiding risks of flooding in the event of problems.

ActiveWater ie water saving

The interaction of the “Hydrostar” system with the “ActiveWater” circuit ensures a high water saving. A washing uses only 6/8 liters of water, since it is recirculated after purification through three special filters so as to sfrutare at most every single precious drop. This way, you get the highest quality washing with minimal expense.

EcoSilence Drive

The new Bosch dishwasher engines are efficient, quieter and faster and allow to use the bare minimum of water by adjusting the pressure so precisely so as to achieve perfect results with minimum expense.

Everything under control

The TFT display information and directions on how to use the dishwasher, also through the Infobutton will get more details on the programs and options of the dishwasher as the IntensiveZone


With up & down system you can choose between two systems of baskets / drawers at three levels, the introduction of large dishes is facilitated. There are also many washing programs so as to adapt to any type of dishware and load situation and dirt.

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