New solar inverter ABB TRIO 60.0

The new ABB TRIO-60.0-OUTD-480 has the reliability and efficiency of a centralized inverter but the ease and flexibility of installing a string inverter.

With these features is the ideal inverter for large decentralized plants from the commercial to the utility with a dedicated medium voltage transformer  because have 480 V output.

ABB TRIO-60.0: maximum freedom in design of the strings

Built with a double input stage, it has a wide range of input voltage so the designer has the maximum freedom in the design of the strings and the topology transformer-less has the maximum efficiency close to the average efficiency.

Horizontal separation compartments for the AC and DC part can be ordered in a variety of versions. For the DC side from the basic with direct input, or with DC disconnectors, or with a complete combiner box with DC disconnectors, fuses, SPD type 1 + 2 and connection with PV quick fit connectors.

With that options hit have the monitored string currents. For the AC side is available with direct input or with disconnector and the top version have disconnector and SPD.

Versions for all needs

Of course the complete versions are the most practical because all the components are included in the inverter.

During the maintenance phase the wiring boxes remain in the system to facilitate all the workings.

All versions are IP 65 so they can be installed both internally and externally. In addition, the inverter can be oriented vertically with a wall bracket or with horizontal support. Forced air cooling ensures maximum performance in all conditions with minimal and fast maintenance.

As with other standard ABB inverters, it has RS485 interface for optional remote monitoring or slots for the VSN300 card for wireless monitoring.

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