Inverter ABB TRIO PRO 33.0 TL: the inverter for every system

The inverter ABB TRIO PRO 33.0-TL-OUTD is the solution for every system and for the complete supply chain: from the system integrator to the installers.

All the photovoltaic systems can be made in the easier way with ABB, in order to save time and problem in every step of the installation.

ABB TRIO PRO 33.0-TL: the inverter for every systems

The new inverter for ABB is the solution for medium and big system, thanks to the impressive efficiency ratio, the easy configuration and the flexibility in the design operations.

Furthermore, the maximum voltage of 1100 V offer more flexibility and adaptability at the different possible configurations.

The PRO 33.0-TL-OUTD has one single MPP trackers with a big range of voltage (580 – 950 V) and the protection from overvoltage, the DC switch and the IP protection IP65 for outdoor installation. Furthermore, it’s trasformerless in order to avoid losses and give the best efficiency ratio to the final customer: maximum efficiency ratio 98,3%, european efficiency ratio 98,0 %.

With the PRO 33.0-TL, ABB give to the installers, system integration and even to the final customers a complete range of solutions, with the maximum efficiency at the right price.

Best quality and service from VP Solar

VP Solar is a partner of ABB, with whom he established a very good relationship to offer its customers the best offer and the prompt delivery, also thanks to the warehouse property, and the best service before and after sale.

The complete range of products from ABB, together with the excellent service of VP Solar, is the best way to offer worldwide system that produce energy with reliability for years.

Please ask us for a special quotation or pricelist, or contact us for every request: we will be glad to give you the best offer and service.

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