smartflower pop-e

From the sun to the car

Another way to charge an e-car: from the sun to the car thanks to a flower.

Charge your e-car with smartflower POP-e

This is smartflower POP-e, a PV tracker with high performance that uses renewable energy for charging e-vehicle.

Photovoltaic, energy storage and e-mobility are technologies very synergetic: all together can give an effective and smart answer to the idea to produce and manage energy in a green way.

VP Solar engineers work to select, test and present innovative technologies to the market with B2B approach.

VP Solar is a distributor specialized in energy systems: photovoltaics, thermal, storage, heat pumps, charging stations.

VP Solar present to the market many innovative technologies through its 3000 professional resellers and installers all over Europe.

Discover smartflower technology

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