smartflower pop-e

From the sun to the car

Another way to charge an e-car: from the sun to the car thanks to a flower.

Charge your e-car with smartflower POP-e

This is smartflower POP-e, a PV tracker with high performance that uses renewable energy for charging e-vehicle.

Photovoltaic, energy storage and e-mobility are technologies very synergetic: all together can give an effective and smart answer to the idea to produce and manage energy in a green way.

VP Solar engineers work to select, test and present innovative technologies to the market with B2B approach.

VP Solar is a distributor specialized in energy systems: photovoltaics, thermal, storage, heat pumps, charging stations.

VP Solar present to the market many innovative technologies through its 3000 professional resellers and installers all over Europe.

Discover smartflower technology

smartflower POP


smartflower is a photovoltaic system all included, with a nice design that fits all gardens.

Chasing the sun all day guarantees maximum energy production bringing the level of consumption even at 60%.

smartflower brochure

All included in the first photovoltaic system all-in-one and plug & play: you’ll find everything within the delivery, you will only deal with lay it and connect it to the network and you’re done!

No need to worry about anything: smartflower POP in the morning will wake up and begin producing clean renewable energy, tracking the sun with his system Astronomical biaxial to turn you get a lot of energy throughout the day, not only during peak hours!

In the evening, always automatically and autonomously, it will close only to be ready the next day with another day of production.

smartflower POP will allow you to produce up to 40% more energy than a conventional system, reducing the demand for power from the grid, because you will have more energy in the morning and into the evening thanks to the ability to optimally capture all the rays solar.

In addition, thanks to the innovative functions of cooling and self-cleaning of the surfaces of the photovoltaic modules, even more energy for your home.

smartflower POP is available in 8 modern and eye-catching colors, lively Jungle until shiny Berry, or the classic Pearl: Choose the color that you like the most and get comfy to observe how your bill will decrease and how you can produce you own all the ‘energy it needs.

smartflower POP is able to produce, depending on where it is installed, from 4000 to 5200 kWh / year!

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Dati tecnici

Potenza nominale 2.31 kWp
Tipo di cella Monocristallina
Tipo di modulo Vetro / Backsheet (senza cornice)
Garanzia di prodotto per i moduli 10 anni
Garanzia prestazionale per i moduli 25 anni all’80%
Garanzia sul sistema 24 mesi
Temperatura max acqua con Pdc 62 °C
Dimensioni chiuso 1425 x 1135 x 2650 mm
Dimensioni aperto 4741 x 4741 x 4811 mm
Installazione Montaggio su viti a terreno o fondamenta in cemento
Intervallo di temperatura -20 °C bis +50 °C
Colori disponibili Amber, Berry, Jungle, Lavander, Mermaid, Ocean, Pearl, Porcelain
smartflower POP was last modified: December 5th, 2017 by VPmin

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