Controlled Mechanical Ventilation VMC

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation VMC

Without proper air exchange you may run into serious problems not only for the building but also for people, such as mold, stains, damage to the furniture, trouble breathing.
To maintain proper ventilation, windows should be opened for 5 minutes every hour, EVEN AT NIGHT!!

That’s why in buildings is essential to think about the air quality
and use the Controlled Mechanical Ventilation VMC

The VMC consists of those devices that circulate and renew the air inside of mistaking buildings with the outside.

In practice, the internal air is ejected and is taken outside air of the building and enter the environment air.

Obviously this air exchange can not take place without a heat recovery to avoid losing the degree of energy efficiency achieved from the building
– The exhaust air gives its energy through a highly efficient heat exchanger
– The air in the electric input is filtered
– In the case of enthalpy heat recovery: in addition to the heat transfer also it transfers the right amount of moisture.

How is Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system composed

A VMC ventilation system is characterized by a main unit which, by means of two fans, manages the exchange of air and at the same time exchanges heat content.

To complete the system the following devices:

  • Silencers airflow
  • Any heat exchangers for post-treatment
  • Supply and return pipes
  • Supply grilles and air intake

– The result obtained with the VMC’s living quality and high air quality
– Salubrity of ambieni and absence of mold
– Maintaining quality and characteristics of the building envelope