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Central Inverters and ABB Medium Voltage Transformer Stations

In addition to the classic string inverters up to 60 kW, ABB has a portfolio of products also for central inverters and medium voltage transformer stations.

Central inverters ABB: simple to install and reliable

The experience in high-frequency converters is the technology base of ABB’s central inverters with an installed over 100 GW offer a truly bankable solution.

The industrial design and the modularity with which they are built simplify maintenance throughout the plant life.

The approach ABB’s designers have is of the “all in one” so that there are in the inverter all the security and safety systems on both the DC and AC side so as to have as external components, as well as wiring only parallel string box which are also provided by ABB and with the control of the various string currents so as to further facilitate both the installation and maintenance of the entire photovoltaic park and the Medium Voltage station which can always be supplied by ABB.

In this way, the investor has a safe, reliable product with low auxiliary consumption values so that it can maximize return on investment.

The ABB range includes indoor inverters as well as external ones with input voltages of 1000 V or 1500 V (so as to reduce wiring and continuous losses) with power up to 4600 kVA.

The key points of the ABB power plants

  • High efficiency
  • Low self-consumption
  • Efficient and effective MPPT
  • Long life and reliability with a life expectancy of over 20 years
  • Full grid support functionality: reactive power compensation even at night; active power limitation, low voltage ride through, compatibility with various grid codes, expands possibilities for adjustments according to local distributor requirements
  • Extended Warranties
  • Service contracts
  • Technical support for a lifetime
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Built-in and flexible DC imput
  • DC and AC protection with integrated fuses, overvoltage protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Full range of industrial data Communication options: Ethernet / Internet protocol, remote monitorin

Remote monitoring

ABB centralized solutions also include cost-effective solutions for direct feed into the Medium Voltage grid with complete plug-and-play stations for all the components needed for maneuvering and protection both for internal and external customizable depending on network and network requirements Inverters that they need to serve.

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