ABB: solidity and credibility in all technological fields of belonging

ABB has very strong credentials in all areas of technology belonging to electrical components of power to automation.

ABB: a solid company also in the photovoltaic sector

It’s history, reputation, company size, product portfolio and financial soundness are key variables that lead ABB to be a credible and bankable company in the photovoltaic sector with a brand recognized by everyone.

It has been working for more than 120 years in over 100 countries employing around 140,000 employees worldwide making it a major international company.

Leader recognized for innovation and technology in all fields of affiliation.

Strong investments in research and development

Financial solidity linked to business diversification makes it a very robust business with a total group turnover of over 40 billion USD in 2014 with a strong propensity to research and development where at least USD 1.5 billion is spent.

ABB diversifies in 5 macro sectors, which are divided into business units and this consolidates it further.

Wide range of photovoltaic technologies

For the photovoltaic sector, less than structures and modules themselves, ABB can offer its customers a complete product portfolio ranging from small residential string inverters to large centralized ground-based inverters.

It can also provide all maneuvering and protection devices both at low voltage and alternating current, but also transformers, distribution systems, substations and anything else for connecting the plants to the medium or high voltage grid.

ABB is also able to offer optimized and customized packages for its customers, thus supporting any global project.

To end the full service portfolio, the product portfolio includes both monitoring and automation systems, making their investments in the photovoltaic sector even safer.

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