VP Solar: your reliable supplier even during shortages periods

Since 1999 VP Solar has been a reliable distributor, even during shortages periods that happen periodically in the PV industry.

A reliable supplier for all market conditions

The year’s end rush that is now happening in some countries, most of all in UK, is now creating many supply difficulties of modules and inverters in many European markets, which are now in a more marginal position than the Asian and American ones.


Its planning ability, its strategic relationships with the main world manufacturers and its financial soundness, allow VP Solar to guarantee their resellers clients a continuous supply, even in this hot final phase of 2015.


Thanks to the property warehouse and the integration of the SAP system to all company functions, the modules of Solarworld, Q.cells, LG, Panasonic and Kioto are available in prompt delivery. But besides the PV modules we have the whole range of inverters of ABB, SMA, Solaredge, Kostal and Fronius available in prompt delivery.


The high-quality service is guaranteed also for the wide range of accessories for plants, like the wiring elements, the mounting and monitoring systems, whose price lists are available in the private area at VP Solar costumers’ disposal.

We are always available for you

VP Solar’s team is always available for you for every information enquiry and to offer you the best quotes, a technical-economical evaluation or to update you with the latest price list, always guaranteeing the a top-level pre and post-sales assistance and the prompt delivery , which is even more essential in this final phase of 2015.


That’s why from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm, we are ready to collect all your enquiries, to give you the maximum support and all answers you are looking for!


Contact us now for an offer!