Thermodynamic Solar Panels: more power for your home

One of the most common question from customers: “Will I be able to generate hot water and central heating in days without sun?” “ Yes. The ecological fluid circulating at a negative temperature inside the panel is able to collect more solar power than a normal liquid, and even in days without sun or at night time. The solar panel is able to capture the heat in the environment and transfer it to the water. Thus, the system guarantees hot water up to 55º C.”

Energie holds exclusively the patent for this product and is world leader in the manufacture of thermodynamic solar panels.
This new generation in solar panels does not have glass or any other type of material that would make it fragile. It possesses a high resistance to aggressive agents, a feature that ensures a useful life of more than 25 years.

The Energie thermodynamic solar system represents the major leap in the development of solar power collecting, overcoming all the limitations found in the traditional solar systems…

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Solar thermodynamic by Energie: hot water with low costs