Steca Tarom MPPT 6000: great charge controller for off-grid with mppt tracker

Steca Tarom has introduced the new MPPT 6000 solar charge controller that  sets new standards in the area of Maximum Power Point charge controllers. Outstanding efficiency along with unique safety features make it a universal top-grade charge controller.

There are two inputs that can be connected in parallel or used separately. Each input has its own MPP tracker. So there are two charge controllers available in one device. Different module arrays can be flexibly combined in one charge controller.

With an input voltage of up to 200 V, all kinds of solar modules can be used in various connection schemes. This charge controller combines high flexibility, maximum yields, professional battery care and an appealing design on the basis of advanced technology.

This product is the completion of a wide range of components, charge controllers and inverters, that allow the German company to keep a leader position among the off-grid electronic systems producers, that could be well combined with the best solar panels for off grid, Amorphous Mitsubishi and Monocrystalline Bosch. To have more information and to know the prices , installers and resellers can download the personalized catalog from their own Private Area or contact the VP Solar Team of engineers, Pv specialized distributor for many years.

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