Steca AJ: sine wave inverters for all power classes

The Steca AJ inverter series stands out with its wide range of available power classes and DC input voltages (275-12, 350-24, 400-48, 700-48, 1000-12, 2100-12, 2400-24) This enables the optimal inverter to be used for any off-grid application.

The cables for connecting the battery and the load are already mounted on the Steca AJ, thus making it easier to install the device. The automatic standby mode considerably reduces the inverter’s own consumption. The Steca AJ inverter’s excellent overload capacity ensures that even critical loads can be operated easily.

Product features

∙ True sine wave voltage
∙ Excellent overload capabilities
∙ Optimal battery protection
∙ Automatic load detection
Best reliability

VP Solar is official distributor of off-grid components by Steca, contact the engineers to find out the full range.

Why do not install a full stand alone system?

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