SolarWatt Glass-glass modules: quality and reliability

SolarWatt AG is a young company headquartered in Dresda. Founded in 1993 with the production of small modules for the feeding of vending machines and roadside emergency call boxes.

SolarWatt is a leader company in photovoltaic market

Nowaday works in  production of mono and polycrystalline modules, and in realization of solar power plants.


SolarWatt is considered a leading company among German operators in the photovoltaic sector, thanks also to the amount of a production capacity of 300MWp with only the production of photovoltaic modules installed in Germany.


Thanks to this success in Germany and to a constant increase in the quality of its products, SolarWatt ensures a wider and wider cooperation with reliable partners.

Glass-glass modules innovations

The glass-glass module is one of the innovative SolarWatt products.


Is characterized by extreme durability even in the harshest weather conditions, although it is as light as the standard modules and the installation does not require any special complications.


The advantages of this new generation of modules are:

  • Very low weight due to the thickness of only 2 mm glass
  • Reliable performance rates thanks to solid structure
  • 100% protection against PID
  • Maximum fire safety
  • 30-years product warranty
  • 30-year linear performance warranty


SolarWatt aims to increase the large-scale consumption, from production in domestic environment up to the realization of solar power plants, as to make the use of photovoltaic modules for the production of electrical energy part of everyday life.

VP Solar is a reseller of SolarWatt modules

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