SOLARWATT Glass-Glass Modules: Durability Testing

SOLARWATT glass-glass modules made damp heat test in order to verify Module performance development under the influence of moist heat (85% humidity, temperature 85°C).


The damp heat test (DHT) is a rapidly accelerated weathering test. The DHT shows that, even under extreme testing conditions that would very rarely develop in the real world, SOLARWATT glass-glass modules hardly display any weathering effects when exposed to steam heat.

Test to verify Module

SOLARWATT glass-glass modules made temperature-cycle test to verify Module performance development under the influence of significant temperature changes (temperatures of -40°C to +85°C; cycle length: five hours).


The temperature cycle test (TCT) simulates module aging as well. It recreates, in time-lapse form, the mechanical strain brought on by extreme temperature changes. Module performance is stable following the TCT as well, as the modules’ symmetrical design means that thermal expansion puts less strain on the cells.


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