Solarthermics by Solar Energy: how to get hot water from the sun

How to cover the need of hot water up to 70%? A solution is the solarthermics by Solar Energy.

Solar Energy is popular for being one of the most important producers of solar collectors in Europe.

Households get easy and comfortable production of hot water with the energy from the sun.

Thanks to the design and the functions of the Alpin collector the solarthermal systems by Solar Energy suit any type of installation both on the roof and on the ground and they are suitable for any house dimensions.

VP Solar is official distributor in Europe of the thermal collectors by Solar Energy and offers preconfigured kit of easy installation, at interesting prices:

1 – kit for installations on the roof (0°-45°)

2-  kit for integrated installations with the roof

The VP Solar Team will help installers and resellers with the choice of the most suitable kit for any installation need, contact the international sales office.

Do you know that adding heat pumps your end customer can increase the self-consumption of energy from the pv system?

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