Solar Thermodynamics : heating  without any sources of power except the sun and the environment

Will I be able to generate hot water and central heating without other sources of power in days without sun?

Yes. The ecological fluid circulating at a negative temperature inside the panel is able to collect more solar power than a normal liquid, and even in days without sun or at night time. The solar panel is able to capture the heat in the environment and transfer it to the water. Thus, the system guarantees hot water up to 55º C.

ENERGIE thermodynamic solar panels are able to collect the heat of the sun, even the wind and rain, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The ENERGIE thermodynamic solar system represents the major leap in the development of solar power collecting, overcoming all the limitations found in the traditional solar systems.

Solar thermodynamics by Energie is distributed in Italy by VP Solar, ask us for the catalogue.


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