Solar-log 200: The low cost monitoring device for small plants

The low cost failure and yield monitoring system for plants with a single inverter. Includes alarm function and graphic evaluation on PC. Even if it is the basic version, it offers a wide range of important functions such as graphic data evaluation, email alarms and yield forecasting.

Easy to install

The Solar-Log200 is designed without a built-in display. It is connected to the inverter using a RS485 interface; the data from the plant monitoring system is supplied to the local network or to the internet via an ethernet interface.

Alarm function and performance comparison

No more losses due to unnoticed failure of individual strings or the entire pv system: The Solar-Log200 sends out alarms automatically via email or SMS. Daily yield notifications are also possible. Furthermore, all status and error messages can be conveniently called up from any web-enabled PC.

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Solar log monitoring system can be installed to the most common string inverters:

Power-One UNO: high speed mppt inverters

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