Solar-Fabrik is one of Europe’s most experienced solar companies. The key element is to strive for Premium solar power solutions with permanently high yields.Solar – Fabrik’s manufacturing system is eco-friendly and conserves resources. By constructing Europe’s first “zero emissions factory” in 1998, paved the way for an energy concept that focuses firmly on renewable energy sources. The company is synonymous with Premium quality solar modules. As such, Solar-Fabrik offers:Premium modules ‘made in Germany’. Premium modules are characterized by an extremely high level of efficiency and excellent durability. This allows the company to guarantee its customers a safe investment and long-term profitability. The company works with state-of-the-art production equipment. Automation, certified management systems and careful testing along our entire production line deliver outstanding products.

Why choose Solar Fabrik Premium?

  • Safe and flexible to use
  • Plus-sorted
  • Improved frame stability “innoframe”
  • Product warranty: 12 years, linear warranty on electrical performance: 25 years
  • Guaranteed high yields for decades

Premium technology requires premium partners. Solar-Fabrik’s European sales partners are carefully selected professionals with the highest levels of expertise and reliability.

VP Solar ( is one of them and is pleased to supply you the Solar Fabrik modules.

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