Solar Fabrik: High quality German Solar panels

High efficiency Solar-Fabrik modules are synonymous with high power yields and durability. Their crystalline solar cells are carefully preselected, and the low-iron,  tempered glass covers enabling cells to reach their maximum performance. This ensures that your solar power system achieves maximum energy yields.

Solar Fabrik pv solar panels offer consistently high output in any weather even with extreme conditions due to special hardened glass and a stable frame made of aluminum. Continuous process inspection ensures an optimal degree of cross-linking in the films and a durable bond between the film, the cells and the glass. This guarantees longevity and stability over many years.

-high efficiency
-high out put

VP Solar is official distributor of Solar Fabrik modules, for technical data and for quotations contact our engineers.

Mounting systems by Sunenergy meet this pv panel installation requirements:

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