Solar Collectors by Junkers: hot water for all families

Junkers, an important company of the Bosch group, makes available for you solar thermal kits for hot sanitary water composed of FKC-2S collectors and of all the needed components already configured in order to build a complete solar thermics system. Junkers can boast of a wide range of solar systems for all family sizes.

Each family can rely on:
-great performance
-stability and lightness
-certified quality and reliability
-installation versatility thanks to the possibility of mounting on sloped roofs, on flat roofs, vertical and horizontal

You can have a full view of the solar thermics kits by Junkers, of the all the Price List of VP Solar and of all the technical documentation of our products, registering on our Private Area. The VP Solar technicians will be willing to suggest you the solar thermal system that suits installers and resellers needs at best, contact us.

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