Residential Air Conditioner by LG: cooling easily with the Libero model

Energy saving up to 60%, silence, 4 level protection system, optimized cooling and air flow, rapid and easy installation: these are some of the most important features of the Libero Air Conditioner by LG.

Some positives:

The most of Energy Efficiency: The active control of the cooling capacity limits and rationalizes the energy consumption and the capacity of cooling controlling the rotation of the compressor.

Low noise: tanks to the new Skew Fan, to the low vibration technology of the compressor and the BLDC ventilation in direct current the Libero air conditioners can reach one of the lowest level of noise in the world, guaranteeing more quite environment with just 19 dB(A)

Auto Cleaning: One of the causes of bad smells of the air conditioners is mould and bacterium on the heating exchanger. The Auto Clean function removes the humidity in order to prevent mould and bacterium with a reduced need of cleaning.

Air Purifying System: Removes microscopic contaminants and dust in the air to help prevent allergies.

For more information about the positives of the LG conditioners contact us and visit the catalog on the Private Area.

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