REACT 3.6 and 4.6, ABB storage system

REACT is ABB storage system oriented to user combined with PV plants. In fact a photovoltaic system doesn’t let to have energy available when you want during the day.


REACT functions are oriented to know real time the production of PV plant and the consumption of user, and they can control all the systems, giving power, if it is available, to home appliances as washing machines.


REACT is a PV inverter, integrated with a built-in lithium battery of 2 kWh. If you want, you can add other 2 batteries, reaching a complete capacity of 6 kWh. It has special APP for smartphones and tablets in order to give all information and controlling functions in remote use. The target of REACT is to manage in a very automatic and simple way the energy of a house, in order to reach the highest value of self-sufficiency for energy.


REACT-3.6/4.6-TL (Renewable Energy Accumulator and Conversion Technology) is an innovative system, with high efficiency and many functions, to upgrade living photovoltaic plants, or for new approach in the market, presenting PV and storage systems together.


ABB has a big range of string and centralized PV inverters, from 2 kWp to more than 1 MWp, useful for any needs: residential, commercial, industrial application.


REACT and all ABB PV products are available at VP Solar in prompt delivery at a very good conditions. VP Solar is distributing components and systems for renewables and efficient energy from 1999, with a very effective logistics based on SAP. Technical and Engineering Department of VP Solar is at disposal of the customers, resellers and installers, for pre and post sales activities, and for training sessions on: photovoltaic and thermal; heat pumps; storage systems; conditioning and VMC.


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