Steca Tarom 4545, 4545-48 (AVAILABLE IN AUTUMN)

The new design for the Steca Tarom sets new standards in this power class. A graphic display informs the user about all important system data and enables configuration and adjustment of the controller to the specific requirements of the individual system.

Numerous clever functions allow the user to adjust the controller to the particular features of the system in question. Thanks to the significantly improved state of charge determination, the system is optimally controlled and the batteries are protected. The Steca Tarom charge controller is the best choice for system sizes of up to 2400 Wp at three voltage levels (12 V, 24 V, 48 V).

The integrated data logger stores all important system data which can be read via an open Steca RS232 interface. As an option, an external temperature sensor can also be connected.

Two additional switching contacts can be freely configured as a timer, a night light function, to start generators or as surplus management.

Steca Solarix PI 550, 550-L60, 1100, 1100-L60 600, 600-L60, 1200, 1200-L60

In developing the Solarix PI sine wave inverter, Steca has brought about some innovations which are unprecedented in this form. These are, above all, parallel connection*, the novel operating concept which uses a single rotary switch, direct communication in order to calculate the state of charge (SOC) with Steca Tarom and Steca Power Tarom, and the electronic fuse. Furthermore, our many years of experience have come into play for deploying these inverters specifically in photovoltaic systems. This comes through, for instance, in the way that a most diverse range of appliances is provided with a low operating consumption and a stable energy supply.

Steca Tarom MPPT 6000

The Steca Tarom MPPT 6000 solar charge controller sets new standards in the area of Maximum Power Point charge controllers. Outstanding efficiency along with unique safety features make it a universal top-grade charge controller.

There are two available inputs to be used either in parallel or separately. Different module arrays can be flexibly combined using one charge controller.

With an input voltage of up to 200 V, all kinds of solar modules can be used in various connection schemes. This charge controller combines high flexibility, maximum yields, professional battery care and an appealing design on the basis of advanced technology.

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