MCE: Tesla Energy and smart technologies with VP Solar

VP Solar will show at MCE, scheduled for March 15 to 18, with its wide range of market-oriented energy systems technologies and services, with a strong focus on innovation, energy efficiency, design and comfort.


Within the context of That’s Smart, located at Hall 2, VP Solar in T33-U32 booth will present its response to the question: Which storage in 2016?


Among the responses of interest: Tesla Powerwall, the Tesla Energy solution for the storage of energy of photovoltaic systems, which allows a considerable increase of self-consumption and self-sufficiency from the grid, achieving significant savings in electricity bills. A consumer with a PV can now be equipped with an intelligent storage system which stores the excess energy to make it available if necessary. The significance of Powerwall, aesthetic and functional, will be valuable in the VP Solar stand, where it will be exposed.


VP Solar, which has been operating since 1999 as a specialized distributor in Italy and Europe, has other smart technologies: smartflower, technological solar flower design, innovative and high performance; solar aerovoltaic, to match the photovoltaic element of comfort; solar thermodynamic, to enhance the performance of the heat pump.


The VP Solar Engineers team will be on hand at the stand to present several innovative technologies and exclusive services dedicated to resellers and installers, both electrical and thermohydraulic, which are enjoying great interest in the Link Tour, the VP Solar Roadshow taking place in 20 major cities Italian. You can see more at


Among the exclusive services offered by VP Solar mention the logistics platform based on SAP that enables retailers to benefit from deliveries within 24 hours of a wide range of products always in stock and at extremely competitive prices. For professional installers VP Solar has created and coordinates the network SmartPartner ( that offers quality solutions market in systems for the production of energy from renewable sources and energy saving.

The SmartPartner network was National unique supplier for the Photovoltaics purchasing group 2015, under the European CLEAR project, coordinated for Italy by AltroConsumo.


During MCE VP Solar has scheduled a series of free participation in events:

  • Tuesday, 15/03 – Stand VP Solar – 11.00 – Event SmartPartner –
  • Tuesday, 15/03 – Conference room Hall 2 – Ore 13:50 – Which Storage for 2016?
  • Wednesday 16.03 – Hall 2 Conference room – 10.50 – Which Storage for 2016?
  • Wednesday 16.03 – Stand VP Solar – 12.30 – Presentation Event Tesla powerwall
  • Thursday, 3.17 – Hall 2 Conference room – 12.00 – Workshop organized by the Politecnico di Milano
  • Friday, 03.18 – Conference room Hall 2 – Ore 13:50 – Which Storage for 2016?
  • Friday, 03.18 – Conference room Hall 2 – Hours 14.50 – Which Storage for 2016?

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