LG Mono Neon: Maximum power outputs

LG Electronics is one of the globally leading companies and technology innovator for electronics, information and communication products. LG relies on the technology of renewable energies and is expanding it. The entire range of high quality solar products are being manufactured in LG’s leading production site Korea.

The latest series of LG solar panels, the Mono Neon series assure the most energy, available the highest power classes: 280 W, 285 W, 290 W, 295 W  and 300 W.

Installers and resellers can benefit from positive features:
LG’s High Efficient: Driven by LG’s own N-Type technology
-100% EL Test Completed:
The EL inspection detects cracks unseen by the naked eye.
-Light and Robust: weight of just 16.8 kg and outstanding durability against external pressure up to 5400 Pa.
-Reliable Warranties: 10 year product warranty a 25 year linear performance warranty
-Positive Power Tolerance: starting at 0%.
-Convenient Installation: quick and easy installations throughout carrying, grounding, and connecting stages of modules.

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Very versatile in any roofing solution:

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