Kioto solar panels: European Quality

The Pure photovoltaic panels series from Kioto is a cost – optimized European solar panels especially for project applications. Only selected components are used which strictly adhere to ISO and IEC standards. All electrical and mechanical tolerances are verified over the same innovative test pro-cedures and therefore identically to the standard product line.
The Pure module is available with 240Wp and comes with plate – finished aluminium frame and glass – fibre reinforced edge connectors.

Advantages of Kioto panels:

 1. Product warranty of 12 years and a linear performance warranty for 25 years
2. Extremely solid (5400Pa), nevertheless very light module construction (under 20kg).
3. Use of high quality components from nameable deliverers
4. Intelligent frame concept for technical: New 40mm frame with plastic edge connector, Robust structure and opitimized weight, no sharp edges, safety, flexibility and homogeneous design
5. Optimized weak light behavior

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Intelligent frame concept suitable for any pv mounting accessories:

The Easy rail: Pv panels on corrugated sheet roofing

The Light rail: flexible mounting solution for pv systems