Inverter manufacturer presents energy storage system and inverters perfectly suited for residential applications

Power-One, a member of the ABB Group and the world’s second largest designer and manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters, today announced that the company will showcase its first residential energy storage solution REACT (Renewable Energy Accumulator and Conversion Technology) at this year’s Solar Energy UK. From October 8 to 10, Power-One will also present its wide range of inverter products for small and residential PV installations in Birmingham, UK. The company’s first energy storage system REACT will be available in 2014 and consists of a 4.6kW single-phase grid connected Power-One inverter and a lithium-ion battery, providing 2kWh of usable capacity. The solution will allow home owners and landlords to store any energy produced by their PV installations for times with higher energy demands. Moreover, REACT is equipped with typical features, such as fast dual MPP trackers, offering maximum installation flexibility for optimal energy harvesting during changing weather and light conditions as well as a broad input voltage range and a top class efficiency due to the proven TL topology. In case of a blackout, operators benefit from basic load management outputs and auxiliary AC output. Thanks to an integrated Ethernet port directly on the board, users are able to perform remote as well as local monitoring activities without further interfaces. As is usual for Power-One, the new, innovative product is designed for a long battery life cycle of over ten years. REACT can also be expanded up to three times its original size by adding additional battery modules.