Hot  Water: heat pumps by Junkers

The Supraeco W heat pump sets a new high standard in the production of hot sanitary water from renewable resources. With its stratified tank of 270 Liters and a innovative electronic controller, allows a cheap, efficient and ecological production of hot water.

Interesting positives:
–  Wide water tank: 270 Liter
–  Available the model with the exchanger for the solar thermal collectors
–  It works with the air temperature between tra -10°C e 35°C.
–  High efficiency: COP 3.6
–  60° hot water with the heat pump and 70° with the electrical heater
–  5 years warranty of the tank

The Water Heaters by Junkers could be easily combined with PV systems in order to increase the storage of the energy through the thermal energy.

For further information ask our technicians.

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