Heat up the water with the air: heat pumps by Ariston

An efficient product consumes less, compared with a traditional boiler with the heat pump by Arison families can save up to 75%.
The heat pump water heaters by Ariston have new standards of efficiency  using the heat from the air as renewable sources in order to transform it into hot water and get the best comfort.

With the Nuos category water heaters customers can have:
-the best heaters in the market with their high COP
-the best performance in cold areas: -5% working temperature
-the most safe air-sourced water heaters in the market
-the most long lasting products
-a technology suitable for each building dimensions: 80 – 250 liters,
-wall-hung, split, floor standing models

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Why do not combine it to a PV Systems increasing the storage of energy?

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